9-Year-Old Who Had Baby, Dafne, Was Sterilized After Delivery

The nine-year-old girl who gave birth in Mexico last month will never be able to have another child.

According to The Daily Mail, the youngster, known only as Dafne, was sterilized by the doctors who delivered her baby. The sterilization was carried out against her family's wishes.

The delivery and the sterilization occured at Zoquipan Hospital in Guadalajara. The mother of the girl has reported the hospital to the human rights commission and an investigation is underway.

It is still unclear as to who the actual father of the baby is. DNA testing is being carried out among all of Dafne’s male relatives to see if one of them is the child’s biological dad. There have been claims that the young girl’s stepfather may be the father but those claims have yet to be confirmed. There are also reports that Dafne had a boyfriend who may have been as old as 17. However after the baby was born, he allegedly disappeared.

According to the local newspaper, Dafne’s mother - who can't read or write - didn't even realize it was a crime for somebody so young to be having sex. That may not have been the only crime that took place. Neighbors of the family have said that they saw Dafne being beaten by her stepfather.

Even as authorities wait for results of the DNA tests, the court of public opinion already seems to have found Dafne’s stepfather guilty. “What he has done has shamed our family,” said one of the man’s relatives.

“I don't know why the girl's mother lets him carry on the way he has. They're both liars and I think it's terrible what has happened. Dafne is a child. She's just a child. The girl's mother is in love with him so she protects him, and this is what happens.”

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Source: (The Daily Mail)


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