Nine-Year-Old Bodybuilder Dubbed "World's Strongest Boy" Amazes With Vertical Pushups (Video)


An incredible nine-year-old bodybuilder has been dubbed the “world’s strongest boy” because of his strength, and a recent video of him doing vertical pushups proves that title to be true.

Giuliano Stroe, also known as the “Romanian Hercules” has reportedly been lifting weights since before he could walk, sent the video of himself doing the vertical pushups to his friends. The young boy has already become a viral sensation for the videos he’s put out showing off his incredible strength.

Both Stroe and his seven-year-old brother are considered to be the strongest boys in the world, and their parents Lulian and Ileana, who themselves are fitness fanatics, have been training the kids since they were in diapers. Giuliano has already broken two world records for vertical pushups, and the recent clip shows off just how talented he really is.

“Critics say that the boys won’t grow properly, but there’s no proof of that,” said father Lulian. “Hard work and exercise are always good.”

Despite the father’s defense, some people online still have an aversion to what Giuliano is doing at such a young age.

“There is no way this kid could know all this nutritionist & weight regimes without his father forcing it on him at a very early age, this feels like child abuse, well done Dad you're a child abuser,” wrote one YouTube commenter.

Despite harsh criticism, the boy’s incredible strength and talent can’t be denied.

Sources: Metro UK, Deccan Chronicle, Daily Mail


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