Fox News Contributor Nina Easton: Pregnant Teens Should be 'Celebrated'

One Fox News contributor slipped up on Sunday, suggesting that teen pregnancy should be “celebrated."

The comment, one that can easily be taken out of context, is actually not referring to the celebration of pregnant teens, but rather to the benefits of having teens carry out their baby to full term and putting it up for adoption.

Nina Easton of Fortune Magazine was discussing abortion culture on Fox News Sunday, when she made the “celebration” comment:

I would say that in addition to deregulating birth control, another thing we need to do is celebrate young women who bring a baby to term and find an adoptive parent. There’s such a stigma today to being an adoptive birth mom that you’re more willing to admit that you’ve had an abortion than that you are delivering a healthy newborn to a loving family.

Easton did talk about the merits of expanding birth control — which is a big reason why the rate of teen pregnancies is at its lowest in 40 years — but also discussed how abortions are becoming more mainstream.

However, it is dangerous territory for privileged white men and women to enter into the realm of telling young, pregnant teens what to do with their child. Most pregnant teens who decide to go full term often keep the child even if they initially intend to put it up for adoption, which makes the teens way more susceptible to dropping out of school and getting stuck in the single mom poverty cycle.

Though Easton is touting the benefits of bringing a child to full term, very few commentators dare to recognize the glaringly huge problems in the foster care system that many of these children end up in. Though abortion, birth control, and adoption are important topics of conversation, it would be much more pertinent for these commentators to actually address the greater social problems involved in the poverty culture that leads teens down this path in the first place.

Sources: ThinkProgress, PoliticusUSA


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