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Nick Cannon Health Problems Will Take Him off the Air

Just when fans thought the Nick Cannon health scare was over, word came down from executives at 92.3 NOW that the popular comedian and morning show host would be going on indefinite hiatus.

Cannon apparently quit the show on doctors' orders.

Last Friday turned out to be Cannon's final show with 92.3 NOW. He told fans while on the air, "Under doctors' orders I have been asked to put my health first and cut back on some of my professional commitments in order to allow my body to get the rest that it needs to keep up with the demands of my multi-tasking schedule."

Web searches for "Nick Cannon Health" and "Nick Cannon Fitness" soared after the announcement.

He later tweeted that it was "a bitter sweet morning," and that his doctors "found blood clots in my lungs and said if I don't slow down and stop working so hard then it's a wrap!"

Even though Nick Cannon's health concerns forced him to give up his morning radio show, he still plans to host "America's Got Talent" this summer and will continue to host his syndicated weekend program.

Cannon tweeted facetiously about scaling back his schedule, "Even Super Man had to sleep."


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