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Nicaraguan Father Takes 16-Year-Old Virgin Son to Brothel

Nicaraguan Bar-Mitzvahs are crazy!

Every culture celebrates childrens' birthdays a little differently. In America, we usually go with candles and cake. In Nicaragua: prostitutes.

That's right, a Nicaraguan father marked his son's 16 year of life by taking the kid to a local brothel to "turn him into a man."

I try not to be too naive about these kinds of things. I'm sure that this man isn't the first father in Latin America to purchase his underage son (not just by American standards) a little parentally sponsored tail. What I'm not exactly sure about is why the whole sordid affair was captured on tape.

In this incredibly awkward video (see below), Don Cesar and his son Juan explain their plans in detail to the cameraman who follows them through the streets of a Nicaraguan village and inside the actual brothel. Don Cesar waits outside while his son dispatches with his virginity. When the dirty deed is done they leave together, smiling.

"Can I bring him back again?" Don Cesar asks the mature, Nicaraguan prostitute.

"Any time," says the prostitute.

The whole thing is almost surreal. Don Cesar has no shame about purchasing sex for his teenage son and Juan, for his part, continually assures the cameraman that he is feeling calm, cool and collected.

Rest assured that this isn't just a "cultural thing." The legal age of consent in Nicaragua is 18. Don Cesar and the prostitute are both breaking the law.

The video is in Spanish, but even if you don't understand the dialogue you can still get the gist of what's going on.

One surpise during the video: The prositute's dad makes a cameo. No, we're not kidding.


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