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Nguyen Duy Hai to Have 198-Pound Tumor Removed From Leg

Nguyen Duy Hai, who has a 198-pound tumor on his leg, will undergo surgery today at the France-Vietnam Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hai has had a tumor growing on his right leg since soon after he was born. Despite having an amputation at the knee 14 years ago, he still has the huge growth.

Dr. McKay McKinnon is scheduled to operate on Hai for 10 hours. The planned operation has a 50 percent success rate, but Hai is willing to take the risk.

Hai told the Tuoitre News: "It’s common for people to fear death, and I’m no exception. But when I heard that Dr McKinnon had decided to come back to Vietnam one more time to give me a new life, I became more hopeful."

Last year, Hai's family appealed for funds to help them afford medical help. The tumor is the largest ever documented in Vietnam according to Vu Van Thach, head of examination department of Hanoi Tumor Hospital: "It's a record as far as we know."

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