Newspaper Editor Robert Caldwell Dies After Sex with Young Woman

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A married, award-winning newspaper editor died of a heart attack after having sex with a young woman to whom he gave money for school expenses in exchange for sex.

Robert Caldwell, 63, was the editor of the editorial pages of The Oregonian. He was in the 23-year-old woman's Portland-area apartment on Saturday when he passed out. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The Daily Mail said that the newspaper initially reported that Caldwell was found in his car. But it later said that he was with the woman, whom he met a year ago at a local community college. The woman, whose name was not released, reportedly told police that Caldwell knew she did not have much money, so he gave her money for "books and other things for school in exchange for sex acts."

She said Caldwell did not give her money on Saturday, so police said they will not pursue prostitution charges against her.

Caldwell, who had been at the newspaper since 1983, was arrested in 2010 for DUI.


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