Newborn Girl Found Alive After Being Wrapped in Plastic Bag and Abandoned

A newborn baby girl faced a rough few first hours of her life after she was abandoned in a Walmart plastic bag on Tuesday in Houston.

Luckily, a local woman walking her dog in the area spotted the child near a fence that surrounds Stonegate Villas Apartments in the Cypress section of Houston. The child was found alive and in stable condition with about three inches of umbilical cord still attached. She was then transported to Texas Children’s hospital, and is reported to be in good health.

According to the woman, who is unnamed, her dog picked up a scent which she thought was a dead animal. As she opened the bag, however, she found the baby, miraculously still alive, and somewhat cleaned up.

Police and officials with the Harris County Sheriff's Office Crimes Against Children Unit are now searching for the mother of the child, likely to bring her up on charges of attempted murder or negligence.

Texas, like all states, has instated a “Safe Haven” law (sometimes called the “Baby Moses” law) that allows the mother to drop off the infant at a safe haven location, such as a hospital, police station or fire house, anonymously and without any criminal charges. Safe Haven laws differ according to each state, but most will protect the parent or parents from harsh litigation and the child then becomes a ward of the state.

Luckily for this baby, she was found in good condition. Officials say that the child had a normal body temperature, which likely indicates that she was not outside for very long before the woman found her.

(Daily Mail)


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