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Parents Baffled After Newborn Contracts Herpes Virus And Dies

A newborn baby died just 24 days after she came into contact with someone with a cold sore and contracted the herpes simplex virus while she was still in the hospital.

Eloise Lampton was born on Nov. 1 via caesarean section at Mackay Hospital. In the days right after her healthy birth, she reportedly became infected with the herpes simplex virus and died just 24 days later in the arms of her mother Sarah Pugh, 28, and father, Douglas Lampton, 35, reports the Daily Mail.

The family realized something wasn’t right when they brought Eloise home and found she wasn’t acting like other newborn babies.

“Doctors initially thought it was a feeding issue,” Pugh said. “When we came home she just wanted to sleep … she wasn’t a crying baby.”

One week after she was born, Eloise lost two pounds and her health began to quickly deteriorate. Her parents rushed her to Brisbane’s Mater Hospital, where she was put on a machine to keep her alive. Pugh and Lampton say doctors informed them that Eloise may not live through the night.

“The machine fully took over her whole body,” Pugh said. “It went into her arteries to pump blood. It took over her organs to let her little body have a rest.”

Eloise’s parents, who have three other children, were told the herpes virus was to blame – which baffled them because they both tested negatively for the virus and a person with a cold sore had to be in close contact with the baby in order to pass it on to her. The Daily Mail notes that doctors suspect someone must have kissed the baby. Pugh and Lampton say they didn’t have visitors at the hospital and have no idea who gave her the virus.

Despite pulling through five times in one week, Eloise was ultimately unable to recover after contracting a staph infection that caused her organs to shut down.

“They took the tubes out of her and we got to nurse her until she passed away,” Pugh said. “It was lovely to nurse her in that time.”

Source: Daily Mail/Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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