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Newborn Baby's Penis Reattached After Botched Circumcision

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A botched circumcision in Israel forced doctors to perform emergency surgery to reattach a newborn baby’s penis. 

According to reports, an 8-day-old baby in northern Israel was rushed to the hospital after the circumcision resulted in part of the baby’s urethra being severed. The infant’s family put the dismembered penis on ice immediately, and doctors were later able to successfully reattach it. 

“These kind of procedures are relatively rare,” pediatric urologist Dr. Benjamin Hardak, who reattached the boy’s penis, said.

“The operation was a success and we are optimistic about the baby's chances of recovery, but it is still too soon to know what the ramifications will be for the baby," he said. "We are monitoring his condition closely."

The incident was particularly rare, as circumcisers — known as "mohels" — undergo training before being allowed to perform the procedure. Complications from circumcisions occur in only 1 percent of cases, with the most common being excessive bleeding. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Israel Hayom / Photo credit:


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