New York City Youth Perform Dangerous Stunts on Subways (Video)

A bizarre and growing trend in New York City is young people trying risky Subway stunts and recording them for social media sites (video below).

According to CBS New York, teens and young adults are jumping on or over subway tracks while their friends record them on video cameras or cell phones.

They also cling to the sides of subway trains or stand on top of the train, which is called "subway surfing" and "skylarking," reports TheBlaze.com.

“This game should be an embarrassment to New Yorkers. I don’t think we should let it go. I think we should prosecute people who do this because they are putting other people in harm’s way,” said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

Stringer wants the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to install platform edge doors and track intrusion detectors to stop young people from choosing to put their own lives in danger.

“We have just three short words: ‘Don’t do it,’” stated the MTA, which called the stunts “exceedingly stupid” and “extremely dangerous.”

In 2012, there were 55 subway-related deaths and there have been more than a dozen this year, including Liam Armstrong, who was recently killed by a train after he chose to run across the train tracks.

“There’s a bit of one-upmanship now. Oh you jumped on the subway? Let me try to do it again with a train coming,” Dr. Jodi Gold told CBS New York. “I think this culture of celebrity and your ability to put yourself out on social media just increases the stakes in all of this.”

Source: CBS New York and TheBlaze.com


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