New Workout Wristband Shocks People If They Don't Exercise (Video)

The new Pavlok wristband helps people track their workouts like many gadgets, but comes with a bizarre twist.

According to My Fox DC, Pavlok will deliver a mild electric shock if the user is slacking off or failing to exercise.

The Telegraph reports that Pavlok can also shock you if "you fail to reach a certain target."

The device can be set up to post messages on your Facebook page to indicate whether or not you've worked out or are being shocked.

The Pavlok website states, "Wake Up lets you set an alarm to gently vibrate and wake you up. But, what if you keep hitting the snooze button? Pavlok can deliver just enough of a 'jolt' to get you up and running --- with adrenaline."

According to Pavlok, the electrical shock is 400 volts.

In a video (below), Pavlok creator Maneesh Sethi states, "Pavlok is the first device that will convince you to do what you say you’ll do and it uses real voltage.”

“It might sound crazy to involve electricity, but sometimes crazy works,” adds Sethi.

Sources: My Fox DC, Pavlok.com, The Telegraph


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