New Urgent Care Clinic Focuses on Holistic Health


By Kate Wharmby Seldman

A new urgent care clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina, is pioneering a new style of emergency treatment: in addition to treating ailments, it focuses on wellness. Local paper The Charlotte Observer recently visited the clinic to learn more about its holistic health care.

CLiC, which stands for Convenient, Local, individualized Care, is a traditional urgent care clinic – if you have a medical problem that can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment, but isn’t severe enough for the emergency room, you come to CLiC for expedited treatment. There’s another part of CLiC, however: it also features a retail store that lets you rent health-related videos to watch in private rooms, and a sleep lab to diagnose conditions that may be keeping you up at night. In addition to these features, doctors at the clinic will put patients in touch with exercise, nutrition, and stress-management facilities, so they can maintain wellness after they’ve achieved it.

Dr. Cecilia Novitt, who holds a traditional medical degree but also specializes in integrative medicine, says of the clinic, “Our theme is wellness. If we're just putting Band-Aids on things, we're not helping people get to optimal health... A huge part of medicine that we're missing is [finding out] 'Why did that happen? What is this telling us about how we're not in balance and how to prevent it from happening again?'"

There are several CLiC clinics in North Carolina, and CaroMont, their parent company, is planning to open more this year. The system was modeled on existing holistic health clinics in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Utah.

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