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New TV Reality Series Features Disturbing Parents (Video)

Bravo premiered a new TV reality show this week that explores the world of strange child-rearing.

"Extreme Guide to Parenting" follows nine different families and their weird parenting practices, which range from odd forms of discipline to pushing their kids to win at any cost (video below).

ABC News reports (video below) that one couple punishes their children with physical activities such as planks, pushups and wall sits. Another couple requires their son to play five sports, know all the U.S. presidents and write his name at the age of four.

The series also features one mom who breastfeeds her school-age child whom she refuses to vaccinate. There are also two gay dads who refuse to leave their toddler’s side for a moment.

Another couple are pure minimalists who won't live in a home, and raise their kids in a car. One couple punishes their child by pretending their offspring doesn't exist.

Bravo has a much less specific, but far more positive description of the series:

Bravo Media gives a candid and unfiltered look into some of the unique and unconventional styles of raising children in the upcoming docu-series, Extreme Guide to Parenting. From "conscious-attachment" and "helicopter" to "hypnosis" and "push-parenting," these moms and dads believe their parenting techniques are the best and everyone else is doing it wrong. Each hour-long episode showcases different households with alternative styles of raising their children.

You can meet the extreme parents on the Bravo website, if you dare.

Sources: ABC News, Bravo


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