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New Celebrity Health Trend: Mommyrexia

They are becoming known as the "mommyrexics." You know mom celebs like Rachel Zoe, Bethenny Frankel, and Victoria Beckham who seem to bounce right back to their slim physique practically as they head out the hopsital door with their new born.

And it seems that "mommyrexics" are even becoming a trend. According to reports these women are paying top dollar for trainers to whip them back into shape asap!  But is it too extreme?

Joshua Margolis, a personal trainer at Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness, which offers MILF and Stroller Bootcamp classes, told the New York Post:

'Hell hath no fury like a post-partum woman trying to get back into the groove.' 

Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope added:

'I’ve seen a massive uptick in my clients feeling stress if they’re not down to their pre-baby weight.'

The trend is having such an impact that even maternity labels are making smaller sizes. Pope, who gave birth to her son four months ago, responded to this trend, saying:

'I’m worried about this trend, because even I couldn’t fit into it, and I’m small!'


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