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New Test Reveals If You're Prone To Hallucinations (Photo)

You may be more prone to psychosis if you can see the image of a baby in this new inkblot, according to psychologists.

Although the image appears to be a collection of black and white blotches, it’s actually the outline of a baby playing with a puzzle, according to a research team at Cardiff University and the University of Cambridge.  Their research was published on Oct. 12 in the journal Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

While scientists have argued that seeing the image could mean a patient is more prone to psychosis, the diagnosis is a good thing in order to understand how each person interprets the world.

Those with the ability to fill in the image are predicting what they expect to experience, according to the researchers.

“Having a predictive brain is very useful – it makes us efficient and adept at creating a coherent picture of an ambiguous and complex world,” Professor Paul Fletcher of the University of Cambridge said. 

Researchers noted that everyone will experience hallucinations at some point in their life, most notably when they hear or see something that doesn’t exist. 

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Sources: Metro, University of Cambridge

Photo Credit: University of Cambridge


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