New Study - Half a Million Teens Have an Eating Disorder


A recent study determined that half a million teenagers have an eating disorders and those numbers only reflect the amount of eating disorders reported.

Why so Many eating Disorders go Unreported

The majority of unreported eating disorders are teenagers between the ages of thirteen and eighteen just like the teens that have reported it. The stigma of reporting or being labeled as having an eating disorder is almost too much for these kids to handle. Many of them become depressed and even suicidal. One woman who survived anorexia as a teen stated, “It's like being a prisoner in your own body and not really know how to break out of that," Hylton said. "You can never be thin enough. Cause you could have always eaten a calorie less or exercised a minute more and that's why it's a very cruel disease." On top of having the disease these teens feel shameful especially when labeled.


Many times a teen with an unreported eating disorder is treated and does recover many times, they do not receive treatment because of the stigma and the embarrassment the disease causes them.



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