New Resuscitation Technique Brings Colin Fiedler Back From The Dead

An Australian man who was dead for 40 minutes after suffering cardiac arrest was brought back to life by a new resuscitation technique.

Colin Fiedler, 39, was revived by a technique called AutoPulse resuscitation.

The Alfred hospital in Melbourne uses a mechanical CPR machine that performs constant chest compressions. The hospital also is testing out a portable heart-lung machine that keeps oxygen and blood flowing to the patient's brain and vital organs.

Those two new resuscitation techniques have successfully revived three patients, including Fiedler, who were dead for between 40 and 60 minutes.

"I'm so grateful, more than I could ever say," he Fiedler said.

Using the two new machines gives doctors time to diagnose and treat the cause of the cardiac arrest while keeping the patient’s blood and oxygen levels constant. This greatly reduces the risk of permanent disability.

Fiedler is lucky that he ended up at the Alfred. It almost didn’t happen after paramedics asked him to choose between two local hospitals, News.com.au reported.

"For some reason, I said The Alfred, which is pretty lucky because they are the only one that has it," he said.

Although the system is only available at the Alfred, senior intensive care physician Professor Stephen Bernard has been very encouraged by the recent results and hopes to eventually bring the system to other hospitals.

Sources: News.com.au, Examiner


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