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New Report Reveals Yoga Mat Chemical Is Found In Nearly 500 Popular Food Items

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Subway, who prides itself on fresh, healthy food choices, had been using a chemical in its bread that is also used in yoga mats and shoe rubber. Opposing Views reported it earlier this month when the news broke, and many people around the world demanded that the fast food chain stop using the additive in its breads.

Not long after the controversy started, Subway announced that it would begin the process of completely eliminating azodicarbonamide, or ADA, from its bread products.

“The complete conversion to have this product out of the bread will be done soon,” said a Subway representative in a statement following the uproar. The statement also claimed that Subway was already in the process of removing the chemical from its breads prior to when it was publicly exposed.

Now, a new report by the Environmental Working Group claims that nearly 500 other popular food products contain ADA. Just some of the popular brands that include this chemical in some of their products are:

·      America’s Choice

·      Archer Farms

·      Betty Crocker

·      Bon Appetit

·      Cloverhill

·      Entenmann’s

·      Farm Rich

·      Fiber One

·      Fleischmann’s

·      Freihofer’s

·      Great Value

·      Healthy Life

·      Hormel

·      Hungry-Man

·      IHOP

·      Jimmy Dean

·      Kid Cuisine

·      Little Debbie

·      Manischewitz

·      Marie Callender’s

·      Pillsbury

·      Safeway

·      Sara Lee

·      Shoprite

·      Tastykake

·      Walmart

·      Weight Watcher’s Smart Ones

·      White Castle

·      Wonder Bread


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