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New Report: Facebook Causes Stress, Depression, Anxiety

According to a new study from Edinburgh Napier University, the more friends people have on Facebook, the more likely they were to be stressed out.

The researchers who conducted the analysis noted that “for a significant number of users, the negative effects of Facebook outweigh the benefits of staying in touch with friends and family,”

Approximately 200 students were utilized in this particular study.

Dr. Kathy Charles, the woman who led this particular research, brought up the following points in relation to her study in a prepared statement:

“For instance, although there is great pressure to be on Facebook, there is also considerable ambivalence among users about its benefits,” she said.

It was noted that certain actions and activities that Facebook users have to put up with on a regular basis cause psychological strain.

Things like rejected friend requests caused 32 percent of the people who participated in the study to feel guilty -- and 12 percent of the people said that Facebook just made them generally anxious.

“The other responses we got in focus groups and one-to-one interviews suggest the survey figures actually under-represent aspects of stress and anxiety felt by some Facebook users, whether it’s through feelings of exclusion, pressure to be entertaining, paranoia or envy of others’ lifestyles.” Charles added.

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