New Rasmussen Poll: Majority Of Americans Favor Late-Term Abortion Bans


A new poll from Rasmussen shows a majority of Americans favor late-term abortion bans.

The Rasmussen poll released last Thursday showed 44 percent of Americans were in favor of a 29-week abortion ban, such as Texas’ HB2 bill, while 41 percent were opposed to the ban. Fifteen percent of Americans were undecided on the issue. Interestingly, the Rasmussen poll had 50 percent of respondents identifying as pro-choice while only 43 percent answered pro-life, indicating that some pro-choice respondents favor the 20-week ban as well.

The demographic breakdown of the Rasmussen poll showed two particularly surprising trends.  First, the poll showed that women were more likely to favor the 20-week ban than men — a surprising fact given that women tend to favor pro-choice legislation more than men do.  Second, the poll showed that respondents across the age spectrum favored a 20-week ban at a similar rate. Older respondents were more likely to identify as pro-life than younger respondents, but this apparently did not affect the younger respondents feelings toward a 20-week ban.

The Rasmussen poll corroborates the results from a June National Journal poll showing that Americans favored a ban on late abortions by a rate of 48 to 44 percent.  In the journal’s poll, 53 percent of Americans without a GOP or Democratic Party affiliation support a late-term ban. Fifty percent of women, 53 percent of independents, 36 percent of African-Americans and a surprising 33 percent of Democrats supported a late-term abortion ban as well.

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