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Shhhh! New Quieter Biodegradable SunChips Bag Introduced

Remember those really loud SunChip bags that were introduced and quickly pulled from the market? Well, a new version is back.

In 2009 Frito Lay came out with the bag, which was first hailed as a great thing because it was biodegradable. But it seemed the things that made it biodegradable also made it very, very loud. In fact, its decibel level was as high as a busy city street.

After many complaints, they were pulled from store shelves. But the Canadian Press reports a new version is now out -- still biodegradable, but much quieter.

"It was interesting we got a lot of extremely positive feedback ... but on the same hand we heard one overwhelming complaint," said Brad Rodgers, the manager of sustainable packaging for PepsiCo, Frito Lay's parent company.

For all that noise, the old bag wasn't even all that biodegradable. Consumer Reports did a test in which it put it in a home compost pile for 13 weeks. The result? -- nothing. 

“The items in contact with the bag composted nicely, but the bag itself? It might decay in an ‘industrial’ compost pile, though we can't say for sure,” the report said.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the new bags are available now, but only for the plain-flavored SunChips.


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