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New Oklahoma Bill Would Ban Marriage For People With STDs (Video)

Oklahoma state lawmakers are considering a new bill that would ban couples from getting married if one (or both) of them has a communicable disease, including a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

However, critics say that Senate Bill 733 would violate federal privacy HIPPA laws, noted My Fox Philly.

“I think this new law would require you to file with the court clerk the results of this test which the whole world could see,” attorney David Slane told News 9 (video below). “And it seems to me that violates people's real privacy rights.”

State Sen. Kyle Loveless (R) supports the bill with minor reservations.

“The way that the bill is written, that is correct,” stated Loveless. “Is that we would have to look at, we need to look at that as a society whether we want people that have communicable diseases, they need to know if they have it, and I think this is a mechanism to provide them to do that.”

Ironically, when it comes to health care, the Republican-controlled state has stood firmly against Obamacare, which would provide coverage to many uninsured residents. According to News OK, Oklahoma has refused to set up a state exchange so that Oklahomans could buy health insurance via Obamacare and successfully sued in 2014 to stop Oklahoma residents from receiving federal subsidies for health insurance from the federal Obamacare website.

“I think, you know, going through the process there's going to be serious questions of the author of just logistically how do we go about it to make sure people's privacies (sic), privacy is still observed,” added Loveless.

According to KFAQ, "The bill would also require marriage license applicants to present proof of identity, as well as proof the couple successfully completed premarital counseling."

Sources: My Fox Philly, News 9, KFAQ, News OK
Image Credit: News 9 Screenshot


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