New Natural Weight Loss Gum to Be Released in America

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A new all-natural weight-loss gum will hit convenience stores across America soon.

Called Diet-Burst Gum, the chewy supplement contains an ingredient called Slendesta. Slendesta is a natural protein derived from potato skins that helps create a feeling of fullness.

President of Arco Health, Watler Lamb, said, “It’s about reducing caloric intake...the key is that people continue to eat what they like. They just feel fuller.”

It’s thought to work by helping the body release cholecystokinin, a natural hormone that sends signals to the brain indicating food has been eaten and inducing a feeling of being full.

The gum also has African mango, which has been shown to boost metabolism and decrease blood sugar levels.

Though the European Food Safety Authority said the cause and effect relationship between Slendesta and weight loss has not yet been established, Arco Health says that 11 clinical trials proved it helps people lose weight.

Each piece of Diet-Burst has two and a half calories, similar to other gums on the market.

Lamb says it takes four pieces of it to get full doses of the ingredients. After chewing it, hunger suppression will occur within 15-20 minutes.

It already launched in health stores and tanning salons in October, and will hit convenience stores soon.

The gum is pricey. A 16-piece pack costs $14.95, 32 pieces costs $24.95 and 64 pieces costs $44.95.

A website recommends chewing it when hunger strikes or right before eating a meal.

Since it is made of all-natural ingredients, it does not cause side-effects like jitteriness or bloating.

Lamb said finding a good flavor was difficult, but the current peppermint type is similar to other sugar-free gums.

He said while peppermint was the only kind to work so far, they are developing spearment and fruity varieties.



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