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New Moms Flirting with Infidelity

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Jessica Katz: Sitting among a group of new mommies, you hear about everything from chapped nipples to diaper-rash remedies. But what you don't expect to hear is how these moms are flirting with the idea of infidelity.

The other day, I was out to lunch with a group of new moms living in Los Angeles. One would think these first-time moms would have no problems feeling secure, carrying designer diaper bags and pushing their posh strollers. But perhaps the grass is always greener on whatever side you're not on.

Rather than going on about baby bliss, these moms were wondering aloud if the waiter who was serving us lunch would want to sleep with them. If they were to become a single mom for some unforeseen reason, would men still want them? Basically, they're wondering if a man other than their husband will ever want them again. And they want to know for sure.

When a couple has a baby, the woman's life changes 100 percent, but the man's only changes about 25 percent, in my opinion. So if women were flirting with the new daddy prior to his having a baby, odds are he is still getting the same attention -- if not more.

These moms sat around confessing that they had yet to have sex since squeezing nine-pound babies out of their vaginas four months prior. They have no sex drive, no desire to be touched ... and even if they did, they have no energy to "do it." But suddenly they find themselves slipping off their wedding rings when they are out sans baby, dressing sexier and aggressively flirting with anyone who will give them the time of day.

One mom said, "I just want to know men see me as a woman, a sex object -- not just a mom. Even if a guy would be interested, if he sees me holding a baby, it's over."

No one has crossed the line yet, but they all admit to pushing the limits of flirting further than they ever did before they had a baby. And some even worry about how far they might go just to know they can still get a guy.


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