New Lifetime Reality Show Features Pregnant Women Giving Birth in Wilderness

Lifetime is preparing to air a controversial new reality TV series that will feature pregnant women giving birth to their babies in the wilderness.

This new series, "Born In the Wild," was apparently inspired by a video (below) of a woman giving birth outdoors that got over 20 million views on YouTube.

According to Zap2It.com, a Lifetime press release describes the show:

From the mood swings and false alarms to the crazy food cravings, learning to expect the unexpected becomes a way of life in the final days leading up to birth... But what happens when the craziest experience of a woman’s life becomes truly wild, and soon-to-be parents decide to take on an unassisted birth in the outdoors? ‘Born in the Wild’ will document the journeys of young, expectant parents who have chosen to give birth ‘in the wild.

However, the series may be turning back the clock of medical progress, says Dr. Ron Jaekle, of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Fetal Center.

“I understand everybody wants to believe we over-medicalize pregnancy and that it’s a natural process, but it’s a natural process that historically has caused an extraordinary loss of life," Dr. Jaekle told Entertainment Weekly.

“There is not a single piece of literature that we had to read growing up that didn’t talk about somebody’s mother or wife dying in childbirth, it was part of the national vocabulary," added Dr. Jaekle. "In the 1900s, one women died for every 1,000 babies born in the United States. Today it’s .1 for every 1,000.”

Lifetime claims it will have a medical professional on site, no first-time moms will be on the show and every pregnant woman must be healthy.

“I’m not surprised an OB-GYN would say that, [but] we’re taking extreme precautions to make sure the mothers and the babies are safe,” countered Eli Lehrer, Lifetime’s senior VP and head of nonfiction programming. “Our presence at these births is going to make them far safer than if they were doing it on their own.”

Another new Lifetime reality series entitled “Girlfriend Intervention” has a racial twist. Lifetime describes that show in a press release as:

Our wise, poised and stylish African American women, in each episode, help a white sister seeking a complete makeover to restore her confidence and inner glow…. Who better to teach a woman how to get that sparkle in her eye and spring back in her step?

Sources: Zap2It.com and Entertainment Weekly


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