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New Jersey School Asks Girls to Take No-Cursing Pledge

The Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington, New Jersey, has asked girls, but not boys, to take a pledge to stop cursing, reports

“We want ladies to act like ladies,” teacher Lori Flynn told

The school's principal, Brother Larry Lavallee claimed that the girls have the foulest language.

To get the girls on board, the school has distributed pins with a pair of lips slashed with a red line.

The pledge goes: “I do solemnly swear not to use profanities of any kind within the walls and properties of Queen of Peace High School. In other words, I swear not to swear. So help me God.”

Timothy Jay, professor at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts and the author of 'Why We Curse' claims that people swear between 80 to 90 times per day on , but that pledges “never work."

“It’s unattractive when girls have potty mouths,” said one male student, who admitted to cursing while playing baseball.

The girls appear to support the ban, with one believing the pledge was a “good idea” though difficult to put “into action.”

Teachers said they hoped that if the girls cleaned up their speech on campus for a month, it might rub off on the boys.

School officials timed the pledge with Catholic Schools Week and Valentine’s Day. They promised lollipops as rewards.

After the pledge went into effect, Flynn reportedly said, “Gentlemen, you are not to swear in the presence of ladies.”



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