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New Jersey Residents Told Not To Eat Fish From Sewers, Streets (Video)

Officials in Newark, New Jersey, are warning residents not to catch or eat fish that washed onto streets after being flooded out of lakes on Sunday.

Heavy rainfall contributed to bizarre scenes of some people trying to catch fish with plastic bags and umbrellas for meals, noted WABC (video below).

Other folks tried to help local authorities catch the fish and put them back in their watery home.

WABC aired a second segment in which a reporter found some fish on the street, and pushed them to a sewer grate so they could get water.

The city's Department of Health and Community Wellness told residents on Monday that the fish on the street could have been contaminated by sewer drains, reports NBC New York.

Sources: NBC New York, WABC 1, WABC 2
Image Credit: WABC Screenshot


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