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New iPhone App Encourages Kids to Read

At Parents Ask, we're huge supporters of promoting and encouraging literacy.  We love giving our readers lists of books for children of all ages and when we heard about this great new iPhone App, we had to share it with you!

100 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Read is a new app that is will encourage your kids to be eager, happy readers and is full of great ideas. Studies show that the more children read, the better readers and writers they become. You can make reading an everyday part of your kids' lives. Here's how, from the time they are babies through elementary and high school.  This is the free companion app to The Reading Game.

• Approaches for infants, as well as young children and teens.
• Web activities that have kids reading and writing daily.
• Reading hints to replace television watching.

• Use maps, recipes, horoscopes and games to get kids excited about reading.
• Rewards and incentives.
• Ideas that give kids confidence.

• Practical suggestions that work.

Get It Now! Free for a limited time!


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