New Hampshire Legislature Overrides Governor's Parental Notification Law


Being a governor who believes in a woman's right to decide when and how to have a family doesn't have the power it used to, as yet another state legislature has overridden a governor's veto of anti-choice legislation.

This time, it is the state of New Hampshire, who's House voted 266-102 to override Governor John Lynch's veto of a parental notification law for teen girls seeking abortions.

Lifenews writes that the governor, who expressed concern that there was no exception for rape, incest or abuse, is simply putting teens in more danger by not forcing parents to get involved, even if the family itself may be the issue behind her wanting to keep things secret.

“Secret abortions on minors is child abuse, and Governor Lynch is imposing that abuse on New Hampshire’s minor girls,” said Citizens for Life President Gail DeMasi. “Governor Lynch has shoved a wedge back in between our daughters and their parents by vetoing the Parental Notification Bill. The bill passed by huge majorities in both chambers of the State Legislature.”

“The Governor says he wants to have an exception for girls who are in abusive situations at home. That simply would send a girl back into continuing abuse after a hasty, quick-fix abortion, DeMasi said. “He wants an exception for rape circumstances. That would cover up the rape from the parents’ knowledge. It also makes the abortionist, and the State, an accomplice after the fact to the rape. What kind of back alley attitude is this? Mr. Lynch would toss our daughters into a heap of emotional distress and drive a wedge between children and their families.”

“Some of the girls taken to abortion facilities are brought in by the adult men who got them pregnant. These men coerce the minors to get secret abortions to cover up statutory rape. This governor is their facilitator,” she added.

I don't think "back alley" means what they think it does, but hopefully we won't end up seeing real back alley situations as a result of the law.


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