New Drug Claims to Prevent Liver Damage from Excessive Drinking

Scientists at the University of California claim to have created a pill that will lessen the impact of heavy drinking on the body.

The study was published Sunday in Nature Nanotechnology, and explains that this new pill helps lower the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and prevent excessive liver damage for heavy drinkers or those suffering from alcoholism.  

Researchers conducted testing with mice being given two enzymes that acted as a defense against intoxication. The mice given the two enzymes recorded a lower BAC over time and lived healthier lives than the mice given only one enzyme. According to the study, 10 percent of intoxication was cut during the first hour of drinking and cut by a third over the course of a night.

The potential of the pill, according to research author Yunfeng Lu, is that it can prevent or reduce liver damage caused from excessive drinking.

"Excessive consumption and abuse of alcohol are associated with a range of organ injuries and social problems," Lu said. 

All that being said, these findings are to be taken with a grain of salt, according to Professor Mike Daube of the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth. He insists these results are “very speculative.”

"We know how to reduce alcohol problems, and that lies with politicians, not with scientists," he said.



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