New Cosmetic Procedure "CoolSculpting" Promises to Remove 20-25 Percent of Fat

A new cosmetic procedure that promises to "freeze off" your fat has become popular over the holidays. 

According to the Daily Mail, thousands are paying upwards of $750 per session to get CoolSculpting, or cryoliopolysis. The procedure removes 20 to 25 percent of fat in certain targeted areas, like the arms, thighs, or stomach. 

During this holiday season, doctors have noticed an increase in demand for the procedure. 

Dr. Michele Green, a New York City dermatologist, said she has noticed the surge in demand. 

"CoolSculpting is an easy in-office procedure to free away that bulge in their stomach or love handles. It is especially popular after the holidays when we have all eaten too much," Green said. 

The device works by using a gel patch that clamps onto the problem area and freezes fat cells underneath the skin. 

It's the sub-zero temps that cause the fat cells to die. Once dead, they are then flushed away by the body over the next few months. 

Treatment can take from one to several hours, and it is relatively painless. Patients even work and watch movies while it is happening. 

Another surprising fact about this procedure is that it is popular with men, as they typically avoid cosmetic procedures like liposuction. 

Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles said men make up 45 percent of CoolSculpting. But with other procedures, only 13 percent of patients are male. 

Dr. Grant Stevens, a plastic surgeon, said: "The men have their love handles treated. The other place is the tummy, and they also have their man boobs done. Women go for love handles, muffin tops, the thighs and arms."

But CoolSculpting is not an excuse to eat everything you want and skip the gym. While it does permanently remove fat from the targeted areas, it doesn't protect against fat buildup in other areas. 

"If you eat a lot you'll gain weight in other places, so you need to keep going to the gym and watching your diet," Dr. Stevens said. 

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