New Consulting Firm Aims To Convert Women To Republican Voters


As the Republican Party continues to transform due to the increasing split between its Tea Party faction and its more traditional politicians, the GOP is attempting to figure out how to attract specific subsets of voters — specifically women and minorities. 

A new consulting firm — Burning Glass Consulting — was founded by three Virginian women in order to better understand how to convince women to vote Republican. According to the New York Times, the name refers to the women’s desire to achieve “A focus on appealing to women that is so laserlike that it can burn glass.”

Katie Packer Gage, one of the three founders of the firm and deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney in 2012, explained the importance of appealing to women for the Republican Party.

“We want to get smarter about how we communicate the Republican message specifically to women. Certainly there are challenges with other demographic groups, but women represent 53 percent of the electorate,” Gage told the New York Times. 

The fact that there are entire businesses based around convincing a specific population to vote for a specific party — a choice of one or the other — speaks volumes about the state of American politics. Rather than a nonprofit existing to convince voters or politicians to support an issue for which they are passionate — another debatable consequence of a capitalist democratic society — Burning Glass Consulting exists simply to figure out how to convince women to vote for Republicans. 

According to one Salon writer, this new firm is attempting to convince women to vote for a party which is inherently detrimental to their gender, based on the GOP’s general views on issues such as abortion and birth control. Whether or not the firm’s efforts can be successful is still to be determined, but the political power behind the group certainly indicates that they understand what they are doing in Washington and throughout the rest of the nation.


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