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Could The New Bulletproof Coffee Trend Help You Lose Weight?

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A new type of coffee known as “bullet” or “butter” coffee has become a popular new health fad, as many believe the concoction can help you lose weight, as well as gain energy.

Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur, came up with the idea after trekking in Tibet and drinking tea laced with yak butter. The drink gave him extra energy to venture across the mountainous terrain. After brainstorming, Asprey developed a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that he claims provides protection against lethargy, fat and disease as well as aiding in weight loss.

The actual recipe involves a double espresso (made with low-mold coffee) blended to a thick froth with at least two tablespoons of unsalted butter and one to two tablespoons of MCT or coconut oil. Asprey recommended that drinkers use organic coffee, grass-fed unsalted butter and organic MCT or coconut oil.

Many drink the coffee mixture as a meal substitute in the morning or before exercise since it allegedly boosts stamina and performance.

“I like to start the day with a bullet coffee,” Suzie Walker, a nutritionist, said. “It fills me up, keeps me focused and I don’t have to think about eating again until lunchtime.”

Although some - including celebrities like Shailene Woodley - swear by this bulletproof coffee, others have complained of headaches, muscle cramps, general weakness and digestive problems after drinking the concoction.

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