New Book Claims 'Mama’s Boys' Make Better Relationship Partners

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It may come as a shock to many women, but according to Kate Lombardi’s new book 'The Mama’s Boy Myth,' men who have close relationships with their mothers turn out to be better romantic partners.

This seems to contradict the long-held belief that mama's boys do not make good husbands, are wimps and may even suffer from DSM IV mental health disorders.

Lombardi told “Boys are born with a strong need for connection and attachment to their mothers, and mothers have deep instincts to nurture and love their sons."

"The problem comes when our culture pressures mothers to push their sons away, and to do so at very tender ages. There’s a fear that mother-son closeness is somehow dangerous or even pathological. In fact, the research shows the opposite is true: a strong mother-son bond benefits boys in multiple ways.”

Lombardi also writes in her book:

“One of the things that mothers who are close to their sons do is teach them emotional intelligence – the ability to recognize and articulate their feelings, and also to understand those of others. These boys grow up to be better communicators and more emotionally sensitive, so they make better partners."

"Also, boys who are forced to separate prematurely from their moms – little guys whose moms stop cuddling and nurturing them because they think they need to toughen up – go on to have a harder time with women. The lesson they have learned is that the first woman they have ever loved and depended on has pushed them away. Is it surprising those boys grow up to be guys with commitment issues?”


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