New Balance 871 Kicks Boot Camp’s Butt


Like many of you, I love a good boot camp-style class. But my regular running shoes aren’t quite the right fit for the side-to-side movements and jumping. Well, say hello to my pretty new pal, the New Balance 871. It’s a lightweight (8.5 oz) trainer specifically designed to kick fitness boot camp’s butt. Or allow you to kick some butt, anyway.

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What makes it different? There’s major reinforcement in the upper, which, for someone who was plagued with ankle injuries in high school, is totally reassuring—when I go to make a quick move (stop laughing, I have quick moves), I truly feel the shoe holding my foot in place. Plus, there’s a funky little pivot point on the bottom designed to make turning on a dime a little easier. And, let’s talk laces for a second—New Balance has these great, uhh, lumpy laces that hold much better than traditional shoelaces. Considering the only thing I hate more than stopping to retie a shoe is stopping to correct an “underwear situation,” this is a very, very good thing.

I’ve worn these for a variety of workouts, ranging from an 8.6-mile charity walk, a considerably shorter run, and several types of boot camp-esque classes and videos, and the verdict is in. They’re cute, comfortable (seriously, no blisters at all) and offer amazing support. This is what I call a go-to shoe for sure! —Kristen


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