New App Would Monitor Airplane Passengers' Hearts, Alert Crew

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Five students from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are developing an app that would notify flight attendants when passengers don't feel well or are experiencing anxiety.

Flaminia Del Conte, now a former student, told Daily Mail the Flightbeat app would monitor passengers via heart rate sensors, which would be built inside their seats.

The Flightbeat app, which was commissioned by Zodiac Aerospace, is still under development. According to Del Conte, her team interviewed KLM flight attendants while coming up with the concept for the app. notes the Flightbeat app would perform the task of the flight attendant call-button, except passengers won't have to push a button, the flight crew will simply approach them, unsolicited.

Del Conte told the Daily Mail:

"Seats are monitored by the cabin crew with the app on which they can log in, have an overview of the different status of the passengers and dive into each of the passenger if they see something is not going well. This helps them to go and check personally the situation to avoid an emergency landing procedure, which is expensive."

Del Conte added that the heart rate sensors in the seats would perform like electrocardiography machines used by doctors.

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Image Credit: Flightbeat App Product Image/Concept


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