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New Alcoholism Vaccine Gives Drinkers an Immediate Painful Hangover

A new alcoholism vaccine will give drinkers an immediate and very heavy hangover if they drink even a small amount.

Scientists at the University of Chile created the drug to fight the problem of alcoholism in their country, reports the Daily Mail.

The vaccine, which would be effective for between six months and a year, sends a biochemical message to the liver telling it not to metabolize alcohol.

Normally, the liver turns alcohol into the hangover-causing compound called acetaldehyde which is broken down by a metabolizing enzyme.

If someone who’s been vaccinated tries to drink alcohol, he or she will immediately experience nausea, accelerated heartbeat and pain.

Once the vaccine has been given, it cannot be reversed.

A clinical trial using mice to determine dosing will begin next month. Researchers hope to begin tests on humans in November.

Dr. Juan Asenjo, director of the university's Institute for Cell Dynamics and Biotechnology, told the Santiago Times newspaper: "People who end up alcoholic have a social problem; a personality problem because they’re shy, whatever, and then they are depressed, so it’s not so simple But if we can solve the chemical, the basic part of the problem, I think it could help quite a bit.

"If it works, it’s going to have a worldwide impact, but with many vaccines one has to test them carefully. I think the chances that this one will work are quite high."


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