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Nestlé Introduces ‘Resource’ Water for Trendy, High-Income Women (Video)

Nestlé launched a new line of water today called "Resource," and it is guaranteed to be everything that trendy, high-income women have been missing out on.

The new product is aimed at an eco-friendly target audience:

Domestically sourced premium still water brand with naturally occurring electrolytes for taste. Itis sustainably sourced natural spring water from carefully selected sources, packaged in a bottle made with 50 percent recycled plastic that is 100 percent recyclable.

In other words, "Resource" will help women reach “electrolytenment.”

Marketing Manager Larry Cooper said Nestlé is “thrilled to officially celebrate the national launch of Resource, a healthful, all-natural beverage that is also mindful of the environment."

A publicity stunt for the new product takes viewers on a live on-stage journey through a yogi’s quest to find serenity. Actress Alyssa Milano performs in a unique act, complete with flying acrobatics and waterworks, that illustrates how the commoners’ obnoxious city scenery can disappear upon the mere sipping of a bottle of Resource water.

“I am so excited to be partnering with resource,” Milano said. “I believe in the power of water and have done a lot of work to help children have access to clean water. The resource brand is about more than hydration — it stands for empowerment of the mind, body and soul.”

But that's not all — resource has also teamed up with a number of organizations that will help to promote its particular image, including Dress for Success, which is an “international nonprofit organization that provides professional clothing, confidence boosts and career development to disadvantaged women seeking to succeed in the workforce and ultimately achieve economic independence.”

Seems like Nestlé is being quite "resource"-ful with this one.

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