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Neighborhood in Bangor, Maine Bans Bird Feeding

One particular resident in the Drew Lane neighborhood of Bangor, Maine, has caused quite an uproar by constantly feeding his feathery friends.

Every morning, apparently, the guy wakes up and dusts his entire driveway with bird feed. Cue a huge swarm of pigeons and very unhappy neighbors.

The bird tornadoes started really getting to the other residents in the area when they began to see mounds of pigeon poop pile up on their cars and feathers everywhere.

As a result, residents had to turn to City Council to handle the situation, where demands for pushing some sort of legislation to reduce the bird population of Drew Lane would be put into order.

Assistant City Solicitor Paul Nicklas told Bangor Daily News that “the sheer number of birds located around Drew Lane at some times is pretty out of control.” Residents report that their houses, cars, and driveways are constantly caked with bird droppings, and that there was a concern about living amongst such unsanitary conditions.

The meeting resulted in the passing of an ordinance that disallows any animals to be fed in a way that results in “disturbance or unsanitary conditions.”

Punishments for violating the new restriction “begin at $50 for the first offense, then $100 and $200 for subsequent offenses within a year,” reports the Daily Mail.

Officials say that pigeons tend to congregate in large groups around a source of food. If the feed stops being put out for them, they’ll most likely simply disperse to other areas.

Sources: Bangor Daily News, Daily Mail


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