Pregnancy Workout Website Keeps Moms-to-Be Fit


Just because my baby is now on the outside wreaking havoc in the world with her diaper blowouts doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about you mamas whose buns are still baking!I loved my prenatal workouts—they gave me some sense of control when it was becoming clearer and clearer that I actually had no control of my body whatsoever.

I kept my pregnancy workouts pretty simple, sticking to prenatal workout DVDs or for my daily fitness fix. But I recently discovered another website I’ll throw into the rotation for the next pregnancy! The cutely named Tight Bod with a Pod has a ton of exercises broken down by trimester, as well as options for postnatal workouts and active moms. Narrow down your options by trimester, body part and specific exercise,and you’ll get a high-quality video walking you through that particularmove. Tips for beginner and advanced exercisers will make sure you’re working at the pace that’s right for you, and the choose-a-move format makes it easy to mix and match.

Can’t see the video? Click here for prenatal workouts from Tight Bod with a Pod!

I do wish there were longer videos to avoid having to return to the computer to queue up the next move, but TBWAP is still worthy of a visit and will keep you challenged.

How are you keeping your prenatal workouts exciting? —Erin


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