Nebraska Passes Parental Consent Law, Requires Notarized Signatures


Are you a teen who wants an abortion in Nebraska?  You not only have to tell a parent, grandparent, or judge about it, now you have to tell a notary public, too.

So much for privacy.

Via the Nebraska State Paper:

Gov. Dave Heineman has signed a bill requiring minors to present written, notarized consent from a parent or guardian in order to obtain an abortion.

Minors can ask a court to waive the requirement in cases where abuse is alleged or a medical emergency can be established. A grandparent or a judge could give approval in cases of alleged abuse.

Notarized consent?  Really?  So it's not enough to have parental consent, they need to spend money to get it a notary public involved, and tell a stranger about the situation?

Anti-choice legislators -- limiting abortion access a nickle and a dime at a time.


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