Nebraska Legislators Work To Ban An Abortion Procedure That Isn't Legal In Nebraska Anyway


Nebraska legislators are back to finding new abortion restrictions to vote for, in this case passing the first of three votes needed to ban medication abortions via consultation with a doctor over web cam. 

But according to CNBC, the department of health has already banned the procedure.

[Rep.]Fulton's bill, LB 521, would require doctors to be in the same room as a patient when she receives and takes the abortion drug.

The proposal is "necessary because the abortion industry is changing," Fulton said. "Our laws need to reflect this changing reality to continue to ensure public safety."

Opponents said the bill was constitutionally flawed and would not reduce the overall number of abortions. Lincoln Sen. Danielle Conrad said the measure is unnecessary because existing state health care regulations already prohibit such procedures.

The Nebraska bill would make it a felony if the doctor was not in the same room as a patient when the abortion happens, which could potentially eliminate all medicated abortions, not just those done by webcam.  Because medicated abortions are a series of pills, with the second set being taken later, at home, one senator noted that if the bill passes a doctor would be required to literally stay in the presence of a woman from the moment she takes her first pill to the moment the fetus is fully expelled.


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