NCLEX = Random

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I keep getting questions about the randomest things while studying for NCLEX. One second, it’s mother-baby. The next, it’s infection control!!

-Ginseng is not good for Alzheimer’s.

-If you’re a lb heavier due to retaining fluid volume, you’re probably hanging on to 500ml.

-Digoxin + hypokalemia = toxicity

-Average serving size for a child is one tbsp per year. (2 years old = 2 tbsp)

-Average amount of teeth is months minus 6 (12 month old – 6 = approx. 6 teeth)

Those are a couple of new gems that are stored away in my brain thanks to Kaplan and NCSBN and Hurst.

Oh, and if I get one more question about acute glomerularnephritis, my brain just might explode. (It’s caused by strep B if you were wondering).

I promise to have some more exciting posts that have more substance after NCLEX. 3 people have tested from my class so far and they’ve all passed. Ahhh!!




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