N.C. Teacher Miyoshi McMillan Fired For Letting Students Take Their Own Blood In Class — With Second-Hand Needles


A North Carolina schoolteacher is out of a job today because she let her students draw their own blood — with needles that had already been used by other students.

The lesson here is probably that anything to do with blood and needles is going to cause someone, somewhere to freak out, so why bother? But Miyoshi McMillan now says that Overhills High School in Harnett County was setting her up for trouble, when it gave her a blood-testing kit with needles already included.

The idea of the experiment, in an honors-level biology class, was for kids to learn their own blood types, so McMillan had them prick their fingers to take a drop of blood,

They then sterilized the needles with alcohol and left them to be used by the next class. That was the big no-no.

None of the students were required to take part, but sure enough, on freaked out anyway. The student walked out of class and immediately called her parents, who in turn called the school.

"They were, like, 'Stop the lab! Stop the lab!'" McMillan said.

The next thing she knew, McMillan was fired for allowing the students to share needles like they were some kind of junkies.

"We don't want students to be, first of all, sharing a needle, and second, to have any type of human blood in the classroom," the school’s spokesperson Patricia Harmon-Lewis told a local TV station.

"The kids did not get a straight needle put into them," McMillan said. “I really believe that the children will be fine. My main concern is the safety of the children."

But that’s not how the school sees it. Principal Kylon Middleton called the whole thing “a nightmare.” The school sent the kids home with notes telling their parents to get each and every one of them to a doctor right away.

The fired teacher says the school overreacted and that the incident was intended as a "character strike" against her. But she says she is confident of her future and is currently working toward her doctorate degree.

The blood experiment took place last Thursday. No students had reported health issues or concerns by Monday.



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