Report: NBC News Reporter Allegedly Violated Ebola Quarantine


A reporter for NBC News has come under fire for reportedly violating a voluntary quarantine placed on her after a member of her news crew contracted Ebola while reporting from Liberia.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, 62, the network’s chief medical editor, was reportedly seen sitting in a vehicle outside of The Pleasant Grill in New Jersey while a man picked up a food order for her, reports the New York Daily News.

She and others working on an assignment in West Africa were asked by the New Jersey Health Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to isolate themselves from the public for 21 days after 33-year-old Ashoka Mukpo, a freelance cameraman from Rhode Island, began experiencing symptoms of the virus.

But, on Friday night, it came to the attention of the health organizations that at least one member of the crew – Snyderman's identity wasn't revealed at the time – had violated the order. As a result, health officials made their confinement mandatory. 

Mukpo, who was hired just one day before he began feeling sick on Oct. 1, is being treated at Nebraska Medical Center, and his condition has reportedly improved over the last two days, according to NBC News.

None of the crew members has reportedly shown symptoms of the virus.

Neither NBC News nor Snyderman has commented.

Sources: New York Daily News, NBC News

Photo Credit: Dr. Nancy Snyderman/Twitter


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