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Navenna Shine, 65, Living on Water and Sunlight (Video)

For five weeks, Navenna Shine has tried to live on water and sunlight as part of a strange self-experiment (video below).

Shine stopped eating on May 3 to try "breatharianism," a theory that sunlight can supply all the nourishment a human body needs.

She claims to be doing well, but has experienced bile in her throat, nausea and constipation.

From her Seattle home, Shine has been blogging about her "Living on Light" experiment on Facebook and YouTube.

Shine's Facebook entries have included:

My friends had a barbecue tonight! I could not actually smell it but I could hear them all having a good time. They did send me their love, but no steak!

Imagine going to a wedding or a party or a buffet and not eating! I don’t even want to think of it!'

Today I found exercise kind of tiring . . . I need to lie down afterwards, it's like my blood sugar does something.

Shine plans to continue her diet of water and sunlight between four and six months, all the time being recorded by eight cameras, notes

So far the senior has dropped from 159 to 130 pounds. Four breatharians have reportedly died while trying to live on light and water.

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