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Natural Pesticide Helps Holiday Travelers Prevent Bed Bugs

With the holiday season upon us, millions of people across the U.S. will be on the move, either returning home, visiting friends and family, or enjoying a well-earned vacation. They may also be bringing unwanted travel companions with them, in the form of bed bugs. Media interest in the current bed bug epidemic may have diminished a bit in recent months, but the problem continues to grow and holiday season travelers are likely to help the pests spread farther and wider.

"Travel is one of easiest ways for bed bugs to spread," says Holly Walker, Vice President of Sales for Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. "You can pick them up anywhere; from hotel rooms to public libraries, and they can get into your suitcase or laptop bag very easily," states Ms. Walker. Even shoppers are not safe as prominent New York stores like Juicy Couture on Fifth Avenue was recently forced to close its doors in order to eradicate a bed bug invasion. Most extermination procedures involve the use of hazardous chemicals. This has consumers worried about the harmful effects of these products, which can range from simple irritation to nervous system damage or even cancer. The team at Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. has developed a solution that is deadly to bed bugs and other pests, but completely safe for humans, animals and the environment.

"Nature-Cide Bed Bug Spray does not use the dangerous chemicals and poisons associated with traditional pest control products," adds Ms. Walker. The company has released a 2oz. and 8oz. travel spray that they believe will benefit Holiday travelers this season. It can be used to decontaminate beds, seats and any other shared furniture that could carry the tiny irritants.

"These days you always see people using hand sanitizer in public places to safeguard against bacteria and viruses, " states Ms. Walker, "Bed bugs are just as big a problem and individuals protecting themselves is the best way to eradicate the epidemic for good. This said, I believe that safe products like Nature-Cide Bed Bug Spray will be as prevalent as hand sanitizer before long."

Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. and their Nature-Cide line of pesticides and repellents is popular with doctors, veterinarians, and consumers looking for safe ways to control pests.  For more information on Nature-Cide and the science behind it, visit


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