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Natural Cold and Flu Remedies for Sick Babies and Toddlers

A sick baby or toddler is a sad sight to behold, especially when they aren’t yet old enough to take the same medicines that an adult can. Luckily, there are natural and homeopathic remedies that are safe for kids to take when common ailments like the flu or a cold strike.

There are several homeopathic products on the market that promise to relieve cold and cough symptoms. Look for products that are labeled as being for kids. Hyland’s makes Cold n’ Cough syrup, which is safe for kids age 2 and older. It’s all natural, and includes the homeopathic medicines phosphorus (for dry coughs and congestion), hepar sulph (for sneezing), sulphur (for runny nose), and pulsatilla (for colds accompanied by tearfulness and clinginess. Hyland’s also produces Sniffles n’ Sneezes homeopathic tablets for ages 2 and up, with zinc to shorten the duration of colds.

If your child is over one year old, you can give him or her a spoonful of honey to help coat the throat and relieve coughing or pain. To relieve congestion and loosen mucus, run the shower hot and fill the bathroom with steam, then take baby or toddler inside the room to sit and breathe in the humid air.

Several homeopathic remedies can be used for children with the flu. Gelsemium is best for treating flu that’s accompanied by chills, body ache, and lethargy. Arsenicum is good for stomach flu. Belladonna treats a flu that manifests itself in a high fever, but doesn’t cause many other symptoms, other than tiredness. As the flu progresses into congestion and coughing, bryonia helps alleviate these symptoms, as well as the aches and pains that come with them.

There’s also a Chinese herbal preparation that can help children overcome flu symptoms: it’s called windbreaker, and is available from Chinese medicine specialists. It can also be bought over the counter under the brand name Ying Chiao Junior. It claims to coat the throat, reduce fever, and calm digestive symptoms.

Hyland’s teething tablets were one of the first lines of defense for teething pains, but they’ve since been pulled from stores because of issues over consistency of dose in each tablet. Try homeopathic chamomilla instead. Clove oil can also work, but make sure you dilute it in another oil like olive or almond oil before using it, because it’s very strong on its own and can blister gums.

In addition to using these natural remedies, make sure your child always drinks a lot of water, eats a balanced diet, and gets enough sleep – these preventative measures will go a long way toward assuring that he or she stays as healthy as possible.

Originally published on GrannyMed


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