Nations Question the Safety of E-Cigs

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The jury is still out on the safety of E-Cigarettes, and many countries are joining the debate.

Nations such as Greece and New Zealand are now making determinations of the safety of the devices. They join the United Kingdom and the US regulatory agencies that have already made statements about the lack of safety testing and regulation surrounding E-Cigarettes.

E-cigarettes, or E-cigs as they are often called, use a nicotine containing vapor cartridge and a heating element to vaporize the contents of the cartridge. These cartridges have been known to leak, posing a poisoning hazard. The concentrated nicotine liquid used to fill these cartridges in the factory is dangerous enough to sicken an adult and kill a small child. It contains other chemicals known to be toxic as well.

Greece and the UK are in agreement that not enough safety research has been done on these devices. "There has been little research into how safe e-cigarettes are…and there's also very little regulation to control these products or their marketing,” says Jean King from Cancer Research UK. “The only way to be sure of any risks or benefits is through rigorous testing.”

Greek researchers for Demokritos said, "Alternative smoking strategies aimed at reducing the threat to public health caused by the tobacco epidemic are always welcome, …(however)… to date, our knowledge about the acute and long-term effects of e-cigarette use is, at best, very limited.”

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